Researching practitioners –

The topic of the program section Researching practitioners exposes the role of all involved in education and training or learning in the digital world. We will tackle the question what every individual can do for their professional development, who to collaborate with, and what the headmaster’s role is in this process.

Researching how to improve managing, teaching or learning by means of the state-of-the-art technology provides continuing professional growth and improvement of one’s own achievements.

The areas we will deal with and present solutions for are:

  • learning communities, digitally-supported critical friendship or peer-coaching,
  • headmaster’s role in promoting the digital competence development,
  • self-evaluation of pedagogical digital competences,
  • educators as researching practitioners striving to improve the learning outcomes of learners as digital citizens,
  • formative assessment and technology-supported evaluation of learners’ progress.

The program section comprises three parts:

Teachers’ voices

Presentations in the form of idea market. Each presentation will be 15 mins. long and will actively engage the participants.

Plenary session

Plenary presentations.

Group Discussion

After the plenary session, all the participants will discuss the reference points prepared in advance:

  • what I saw,
  • how I understand it,
  • how I could apply it in my own practice.

Panel discussions will be chaired by moderators. Conclusions will be presented at the final panel discussion.

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