Digital divide – jump over

The topic of the program section Digital divide is a contemporary issue and invites symbolically to collaboration of both parts of the digital divide: the digitally literate and the digitally illiterate cosmopolitans. This program section will deal with the following issues:

  • bridging the gap in digital knowledge and skills among educators,
  • bridging the gap in digital knowledge and skills among students,
  • relevance of various digital learning environments,
  • how we (don’t) read digitally and
  • what our cultural awareness and the expression of the digital citizen are like.

The section will emanate from the European Digital Competence Framework for Citizens. We will tackle examples and problem solutions as well as innovation and entrepreneurship on applying technology in education and employment field, which systematically reduce the digital literacy divide among educators and among students.

The program section comprises three parts:

Teachers’ voices

Presentations in the form of educational start-up will be held in three rounds. Each presentation will be 15 minutes long. The authors will start their “presentation campaign” in advance on Twitter and Facebook, thus addressing and inviting the audience to attend the presentation.

Plenary session

Plenary presentations.

Group Discussion

After the plenary session all the participants will discuss the reference points prepared in advance:

  • what I saw,
  • how I understand it,
  • how I could apply it in my own practice.

Panel discussions will be chaired by moderators. Conclusions will be presented at the final panel discussion.

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